The making of Fateless

In July of 2000, Imre Kertész, signed a copy of his book Fateless for Lajos Koltai. He wrote: „With friendship and anticipation…” „These four years were filled with great lessons, lessons enough for ten or fifteen films,” says Koltai in the editing room. This somewhat out of the ordinary „behind the scenes” film shows the most important battle of this war of several years: the shooting of the film. The individuals appearing in the film include: Gyula Pados, Marcell Nagy, József Szarvas, Kati Lázár, Ádám Rajhona, Ennio Morricone, and Imre Kertész.

The DVD edition of The Faithless, dir: Lajos Koltai, contains contains Films of The Inforg Studio: The making of Faithless 55’ The making of Faithless werk 25’ Koltai’s Diary 2001-2003 70’ Novel, film, State of the World-interview with Imre Kertész 30’