The site provides a multi-faceted view and archive of Inforg Studio, which operated in Budapest between 2000 and 2010. You can read about the producer, watch portraits of the directors, walk through the museum with the exhibition curator, read the exhibition catalogue and find almost all Inforg films in VOD rental format.

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Texts written by: Rebeka Pál and Brigitta Iványi-Bitter

What was so innovative about the 2000s? It is almost perceptibly different from the previous decade, with the emergence of the “young Hungarian cinema” of the period and the simultaneous explosion of auteur films seeking new paths.

It was the first producer-led film studio to be founded, with the ambition to introduce young, mostly emerging talents, often from outside the industry, initially in the genres of short film, later documentary, feature and even animation. Inforg is a well-known brand in Budapest in the 2000s, very much in the heart of Hungary’s art cinema, and its annual must-see screenings at the Toldi Cinema are a must-see event.

The Inforg studio operates between 2000 – 2010 in Budapest, led by András Muhi at Kinizsi Street. During its existence, it has produced more than 200 films.

Watch the movies!

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue of 12 essays, which is the first to provide a thorough overview of Inforg Studio and the Hungarian avant-garde filmmakers’ cultural context of the 2000s.

Selection of award-winning Inforg films.

The exhibition is accompanied by portrait films with the filmmakers of Inforg Studio, which show what the spirit of this flourishing film workshop meant to the generation that started out in the 2000s.